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The Last Kult Gothic Mystery Box; Making it Gothmas All Year Round!

Posted by Natalie Sandells on

One of the downsides to becoming an adult is you just don't get the whole excitement and mystery of birthday presents or Christmas stockings any longer, even though we all secretly wish we did (cos really we're all just kids at heart in grown up bodies!).

Sure, we often still get something on the big day, but it'll be another pair of novelty socks/ toiletries from Nana, or the gifter will have asked you what you want in advance. Nice, but it kinda takes all the fun out of it!

So it's no surprise that the Mystery Box or Subscription Box trend has become popular in the past few years. They're kind of like the thrill of getting presents, without having to wait til Christmas or your birthday, and you can choose themes or brands that you know or love.

So, here at The Last Kult, I thought "Hey, this is a fun idea, but what if we do something a little different?"

"Why not combine a sample sale, with a mystery box?"

And, lo, the The Last Kult Mystery Box* was born!

Cat in a box

*Cat Not Included

Our current Mystery Boxes all contain one of a kind goth clothing and accessory samples by TLK, including designs that never got released. Each box contains brand new goods worth £150+, and are extremely limited quantity. I'll add more sizes in the future, plus some boxes for the guys too!

For more info, check out the link below:

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