Slimelight to be demolished? Not without a fight!!

Posted by Natalie Sandells on

It's with rather grim, but important news, that we start The Last Kult blog- in the early hours of this morning it was announced on the Slimelight Facebook page that Electrowerkz, the building that houses Slimelight, is under threat of demolition as part of the Crossrail II plans for the expansion of Angel Tube Station.

Slimelight is a singularly important club, not just for the London goth scene, but for the UK and even worldwide. It's famous around the globe and ,as such, has been a portal to the larger scene in London for newcomers for over 30 years. When I moved to London in the Nineties, Slimelight was where I met new friends, got drunk, hooked up and discovered new music, and the same still holds true for those just discovering it all these years later.

Whether you're still a regular or not, I think it's vital for us all to fight and oppose the plans to demolish Electrowerkz. We've lost so many music and club venues catering to the alternative scene in the past decade, thanks to Crossrail (London Astoria), developers (The Intrepid Fox), and gentrification in all it's guises (Madame JoJos), to name but a few, that fighting for a cornerstone of the alt scene becomes even more pressing.

If you're interested in joining the opposition to these plans, check out the event page set up to help people have their say on the proposals for further discussions.

You can also find Transport For London Consultation on Crossrail II here (consultation deadline is 8th January 2016 so get your objections in before then!)


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