About Us

Based in Birmingham, UK, The Last Kult is an independent designer and manufacturer of alternative clothing and accessories for the gothic subcultures.

Our aim is to provide unique dark fashion to those yearning for something a little different.

We're fanatical about quality, so never outsource garment construction, and are constantly searching for new and unusual fabrics for our designs.

Our influences range from cutting edge avant garde modern fashion, concept and costume design, to natural forms and gothic / punk sensibilities.

Green is the new Black; sustainable gothic fashion.

We're firm believers in slow fashion- in quality clothing that can last you years, rather than 12 months, and thus reducing the amount of textile waste that goes to landfill every day. We also reduce waste by making most of our products to order, so we almost never have excess stock of unsold sizes or unpopular styles (barring returns and samples), and we even use our fabric waste for our sister brand, Kult Remade, which specialises in upcycled alternative fashion.
All our clothing is made here in the UK, which also helps keep our carbon footprint down, as raw materials don't have to be shipped to a factory in another country, nor the finished product shipped back to us.

Whilst that means it can take a little longer to get your order, we believe it's worth the wait!

A little bit about our history.

 The Last Kult was started in 2013 in the East End of London, under the original name of House of Hirudinea.
In early 2015 the decision was made to rebrand as The Last Kult ( the old name was a bit of a mouthful!), but the biggest change happened in 2016, when we relocated to Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

We're also on Etsy!

You can find us here; check out more reviews from satisfied customers, enjoy a great selection of ways to pay, plus we tend to debut new designs here first, so if you're a regular Etsy customer, you can favorite the shop and get notified when new items become available.