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Given the increased popularity in witchiness in the Goth scene these past few years, it's been surprising that Witchhouse and it's associated genres haven't really gained as much traction as they could. If I was to point to a particular reason, it would probably be that it's not a sound that lends itself easily to the club scene, with most songs not having the rhythmic beat that we're used to dancing to.

Though some in the Witch House scene will argue that this musical style isn't Goth, it can certainly be classed as gothic music, in that it's subject matter, themes and even visual and musical styling draws heavily on the cultural history of Gothic artistically. And whilst it might not, at first glance, lend itself to the dancefloor, with some perserverance and digging, one can find songs that could get those goths waving their arms!


 ŦHE LEFŦ HΔNĐ ƟF CⱤEΔŦĬƟN are a musical duo from California, whose Witch House label belies a wider range of influences that's mixed into their bubbling cauldron of sonic darkness.

ƉΛɌЖΞSŦ NĮǤH† probably strays closer to the dark electro side of things, but as it has a strong John Carpenter influence this is understandable. It certainly wouldn't sound out of place on one of his Lost Themes albums, but this isn't so much a case of musicians aping him; more a intuitive understanding of the creepiness of his sound, and applying it well to achieve the same unease, which isn't really that surprising as feelings of dread and uneasiness are a common motif of WH.


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