Bug Jewelery - Silver Wolf Head Beetle Wing Necklace

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This grand statement beetle necklace is perfect for a modern gothic style, or those looking for beautiful unique jewellery.Our 'Food Chain' necklace is inspired by the complex interactions of predation in nature, from the top carnivores such as wolves down the the humble bugs that recycle decaying plant matter.

Two rhinestone encrusted silver plated wolf heads hold three intricate silver plated chains of different lengths, from which are suspended large numbers of real beetle wings to create a shimmering iridescent bib of emerald green with highlights of gold, blue and purple.
When worn the wolf heads sit at about collarbone height, and the necklace fastens at the back with a lobster clasp. The beetle wings also produce a quite pleasing jingle as you move around!

Minimum chain length= 18 inches/ 45cm

Your necklace will be shipped to you in a gift box. This is our standard practice with all our jewellery items.

The insects these wings are from are farmed in accordance with the regulations of CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). They are raised as a food crop in their native country and the wings are a natural by-product.

Model: Ambellina Carmilla
Photography by Gearheart